Business & Entrepreneurship Development

Business & Entrepreneurship Development

One sure way of investing in the future of our economy is mentoring prospective entrepreneurs to create and manage businesses. It is a way of sending them forth into the business world, much better equipped to ride the waves and challenges in their quest for success. Without doubt, the establishment of more viable and successful businesses is a way out of the high unemployment rates we experience in our country. Therefore, in this course, you will learn how to

  • Grow your business from scratch.
  • Identify opportunities in your field and turn it into a business.
  • Package your products and/or services to attract your customers.
  • Market your business to a potential customer or investor.

Facilitating this course is a seasoned motivational speaker, a highly motivated, results-oriented executive specialized in growth, turnaround, and value creation. He is a modern day business man with wealth of experience in real estate, construction and mentorship. He is the GMD, C.E.O of Brickwall group of companies. He will be equipping you in all the aspects of business development and handling over the keys to business wealth and prosperity.

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