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Export Opportunities

Understanding the know-how and executing your import-export business the right way will lead you into wealth.

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Business Plan & Cash Flow Analysis

How you position and present your ideas before investors will go a long way to determine whether they will choose to work with you.

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Spiritual Connectivity and Prophetic Direction in Business

Prophetic voices need to be heard in the corridors of our businesses and the function of the God-ordained prophet revived.

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Business & Entrepreneurship Development

The establishment of more viable and successful businesses is a way out of the high unemployment rates we experience in our country.

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Strategic Investment

True wealth is only be actualized when your money is working for you, not when you work for money all the time.

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Royalty Money Academy is a school set out to train, equip and empower christian entrepreneurs and business men to prosper in their various business endeavors, thereby positioning them to sponsor the gospel.

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Registration Fee is $15 (₦5,000)
Tuition Fee is as follows:

  • Premium Discount: Outright Payment: $99 (₦35,000) for Pillars, and $169 (₦60,000) for externals.
  • Classic Discount: Payment in Two Installments: $125 (₦45,000) for Pillars, and $209 (₦75,000) for externals.
  • Basic Discount: Payment in Three Installments: $149 (₦55,000) for Pillars, and $249 (₦90,000) for externals.

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